People who join our team are fluent in the worlds of both global-scale CEOs and cutting-edge innovators.--

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Our clients demand deep innovative thinking, industry experience, original insights and practical recommendations. The work we do requires a different background than at other leading strategy consulting firms. Our clients like that we’re different. If that sounds like you, get in touch.

It’s Not About the Org Chart

At Activate, you’ll join a highly collaborative and non-hierarchical culture. Teamwork is critical to doing our best work. As a nimble firm, we are committed to mentoring and empowering our team members. We can offer a career development track not possible at legacy consulting firms.

We strive to build a team that is diverse not just in background but in outlook. And one of the most rewarding parts of being on the team at Activate is getting to fully engage with senior executives and meaningful work.

You Will Become an Expert

We help our clients capture their most significant business opportunities and stay in front of the major changes in their industries. To accomplish this, each and every senior Activate team member gains deep industry experience.

Fair warning: If you believe that developing business strategy is about helping companies "re-engineer processes," "streamline supply chains" or "sourcing," then Activate is not for you.

This Isn’t PowerPoint by the Pound

We’re looking for people who are smart and practical. Our biggest value to our clients is in finding the non-intuitive and most innovative answers – not just creating a stack of high-level charts. Being firmly rooted in the reality of the technology and media businesses today informs our insights and lessons from the most successful emerging companies and user experiences are incorporated into our strategies. That means people who join our team become experts.