Video Gaming & Interactive Entertainment

We help video game and interactive entertainment companies navigate a rapidly evolving environment. As competition becomes more fierce, scale will become even more important as big games require significant investment to produce and market, and require a massive global audience to succeed. Franchise development, fan acquisition, engagement, and retention will be more critical than ever, driving incumbents to keep these as focal points of their strategic efforts. At the same time, publishers are also supporting independently-produced games that can be more efficiently developed, carry less risk, and provide massive upside if the game is a hit. We have worked with the largest publishers in answering their most strategic questions to drive growth across users and revenue.

What we do

IP licensing, acquisition and development strategy

Helping our client identify, acquire, and develop the IP to build the right franchise platform and gaming experience to maximize audience impact and long-term brand value

Pipeline development strategy and new experience development

Designing strategies to optimize gaming portfolio and identify the opportunities to build games that will win over future gamer segments and maximize franchise value creation

Developer to publisher transition

Building detailed roadmaps and operator-grade execution plans to help game developers acquire the right capabilities to establish themselves as leading publishers

Operating model strategy and transition roadmaps — e.g. free-to-play, virtual currency/in-game spending, subscription, cloud, advertising, eSports expansion

Designing strategies to maximize near- and long-term revenue growth potential by matching portfolios of IP and gaming experiences with the operating model and monetization approaches. As a result, these strategies will maximize gamer value delivered, enhance the gaming experience, and optimize gamer acquisition and retention

Competitive positioning and war game scenarios

Developing in-depth competitive scenarios and analytical fact-base to inform major gaming company positioning decisions and competitive strategies across hyper competitive verticals and markets

Packaging and pricing

Driving long-term defensible growth through pricing optimization strategies and capabilities to develop the customer price-value equation (e.g. competitive pricing, optimal promotion strategies, new subscription models)

Platform and distribution strategy

Defining go-to-market strategies to maximize the value of gamer interactions throughout their journey and gaming occasions, while capitalizing on consumer insights and analytics-driven market map

Customer acquisition/promotion

Guiding our clients to rethink their marketing function across the entire funnel – connecting strategy to execution (customer segmentation, acquisition hook identification, marketing channel strategies, process definition, KPI and dashboard creation, etc.)

Video Gaming & Interactive Entertainment segments

Gaming platforms Publishers (from AAA games to casual mobile-only games) Developers In-game advertising Metaverse & digital worlds eSports iGaming

Impact examples

Example #1

Global game developer and publisher

Evaluated the opportunity for one of the leading global video game companies to transition its business to subscriptions, and developed the strategic roadmap to achieve the transformation

Example #2

Leading mobile gaming company

Developed the growth strategy, including the roadmap to acquire gaming publisher capabilities, as well as IP development and acquisition strategy for future game pipeline

Example #3

Global gaming company and franchise

Conducted comprehensive impact analysis of the transition of a top gaming franchise from title sale to free-to-play including gamer experience, revenue models, extensive benchmark analysis, and consumer research

Example #4

iGaming and Betting company

Created the global strategic roadmap to deliver high growth in the company's core business (in both existing and new markets), while expanding into interactive entertainment– transforming the consumer offering, business model, and value creation narrative of the company

Example #5

Leading video game company

Defined the strategy for a top video game company to build a new eSports business extending their franchise into sports video gaming

Example #6

Independent gaming development studio due diligence

Conducted extensive strategic due diligence of a large independent game development studio and publisher, including detailed capability evaluation, market segmentation and analysis of company positioning, and outlook for gaming market value chain dynamics