Very few industries drive as much consumer and business interest, enthusiasm, and engagement than Sports. Activate is positioned as an expert in the space, with unique depth across all the revenue levers of the sports industry, from media services and experiences to ticketing and other venue management revenue streams, merchandising, sponsorship, advertising, and next-generation fan experiences. Our experience spans the ecosystem, including working with leagues, teams, and other rights owners as well as media companies and tech innovators.

What we do

Revenue growth strategy

Developing 3-year strategic and revenue growth roadmaps, activating the full set of sports revenue drivers (media, ticketing, sponsorship and advertising, merchandising, new experiences, operational and service excellence, etc.)

Sports revenue performance improvement

Data-driven performance improvement roadmaps, driving in-year returns on major revenue streams and operating costs

Sponsorship performance improvement

High-impact sponsorships revenue improvement roadmaps across the full funnel (prospecting, inventory management, solution development, consumer insights capabilities, etc.)

Ticketing optimization

Creating and implementing capabilities and processes to maximize ticketing revenue while optimizing fan experiences (segmentation, inventory management, sales channel strategies, dynamic pricing, suites sales, bundling, etc.)

Venue experience, investment strategy, and operations

Creating future-proof fan-experience driving long-term loyalty and revenue growth, driving major investment decisions and operating footprint

Brand development and audience engagement strategy

Building highly visible and engaging sports franchises across sports, sports-related experiences, new and existing assets, to drive long-term value creation

Sports segments

Leagues Teams Connected Fitness Licensing & merchandising Sports broadcasting Sports streaming Sports video games Sports venues & entertainment complexes Sports data & analytics Sports technology Sports equipment Sports apparel Sports memorabilia & collectibles

Impact examples

Example #1

Sponsorship revenue improvement for multi-team and concert arena

Grew advertising and marketing partnership opportunities for a multi-team venue through improved sales force effectiveness, targeting new advertisers and new categories, creating new signage (weighing demand, designating new opportunities for activations within the arena)

Example #2

Ticket sales and dynamic pricing process for major multi-sports venue

Developed the new ticket pricing structure and process to optimize revenues (including season tickets, singles and groups)

Example #3

Largest global sports betting company

Created the global strategic roadmap (across 27 markets) to deliver high the core sports gambling business in existing and new markets, while expanding into interactive entertainment – transforming the consumer offering, business model, and value creation narrative of the company

Example #4

Basketball team 3-year business and operating plan

Created the team’s business and operating plans, focused primarily on optimizing the team’s revenues in ticketing and sponsorship sales

Example #5

Sports video game publisher strategy

Developed the strategy to redefine the gaming company’s relationship with major league to determine the best route to bring new dedicated players to the game, enhance the league’s fan development, and optimize the game franchise’s value and profitability

Example #6

Sports programmer and digital publisher

Built the strategy to aggressively expand the company’s digital presence, including editorial coverage expansion, incorporating fantasy and sports gambling elements, and redefining the relationship between the television network and the digital channels to fully exploit the use of video and cross promote between the two properties