Media & Entertainment

We help our clients navigate the ever-changing media landscape, capitalizing on major shifts across consumption behaviors and preferences, the new content creation paradigm, and transformation of the distribution ecosystem enabled by technology innovation. Our experience spans the full set of media verticals, technology, and providers that power these services. Our industry expertise allows us to help our clients position themselves to win and drive profitable growth.

What we do

Comprehensive revenue growth strategies

Near- and long-term revenue growth plans, capitalizing on the full set of revenue levels (e.g. advertising, subscription, transactions, partnerships, affiliation, data, events)

Programming strategies and audience development

New programming verticals, formats, and distribution plans to maximize audience reach and engagement and support the development of major media brands

Advertising sales performance improvement

Completing advertising go-to-market and commercial execution plans (e.g. ad-unit enhancements, targeting capabilities, platform partnerships, data partnerships and clean rooms, prospecting and commercial strategy, inventory management, ad operations, reporting, etc.)

New video offering development (services, aggregators)

End-to-end support including opportunity identification, value proposition development, business model development, competitive positioning, pricing structure and levels, product development and technology execution, organization structure, distribution

Pricing structure optimization (ad-supported, paid)

Designing optimal pricing structures for new products and offerings as well as enhancing existing pricing approaches to maximize long-term value capture for profitable growth

Operating model transformation and organization development

Redesigning organizations, processes, and operating models to meet the requirements from major industry shifts

Customer acquisition and retention programs

Helping our clients develop durable competitive advantage from capabilities to identify, acquire, and retain highest value customers to maximize scale, engagement, monetization, and customer connections

Data stack and audience insight development

Developing major data and insights capabilities (technology, vendors, partnerships, processes, etc.) to allow our clients to drive continued audience and revenue growth in the challenging digital environment

Media & Entertainment segments

SCTV SVOD AVOD FAST PVOD & TVOD Pay TV (traditional & virtual) Broadcast Stations Cable networks Digital video Social video UGC Video production & distribution

National, local, & international news Business & Finance Global news agencies & wire services Print & digital news publishers B2B / trade Vertical-specific (e.g. sports, entertainment) Streaming Lifestyle

Music publishers Labels Rights management Streaming services Podcasts Ad networks Radio stations Digital radio Audio advertising agencies Music creation & collaboration tools DSPs

Video technology platforms Production infrastructure Creative software Ingest & QC IP distribution Broadcast services Playout Asset management Payroll Billing & authentication Metadata

Impact examples

Example #1

Leading U.S. multi-platform media company

Digital growth strategy for family of news properties including business, sports, lifestyle, political, and verticals, including audience segmentation, user experience requirements, and affiliate commerce strategies

Example #2

Top digital, print, and local TV company

Audience growth, programming, and marketing strategy and execution roadmap to scale streaming platform

Example #3

Major U.S. TV Broadcaster

Business case, requirements, and execution roadmap for a local news focused video streaming service providing perspective on customer acquisition, user experience, programming, distribution, and monetization (AVOD and SVOD)

Example #4

Major Telco Operator

Programming, customer acquisition, user experience, and marketing to build a ‘media store’ for one of the largest U.S. carriers to offer streaming services to customers

Example #5

Global audio streaming platform

Comprehensive 3-year revenue growth strategy, including B2C strategies to defend company’s share positioning in major markets and drive growth through the acceleration of its B2B platform

Example #6

Digital media/services business bundle pricing assessment

Optimize partner, packaging, and pricing structure, as well as analyze the competitive landscape, for a unique digital entertainment subscription storefront and management platform. Our client launched the platform with a first-of-its-kind set of promotional offers, and was able to quickly build awareness, drive traffic, and acquire subscribers based on Activate’s recommendations