how we help

New Business Creation

Industry Knowledge and Functional Expertise

We have a strong track record of helping technology and media companies launch successful new businesses by leveraging our industry-leading capabilities, including:

  • Extensive domain expertise

  • Proprietary consumer insights and market research

  • Unrivaled industry access

Common Challenges and How We Help

In the rapidly growing and changing technology and media industry, we are uniquely positioned to identify the highest-potential new business opportunities for our clients, including

  • Extensions to core businesses to super-serve existing customers

  • Launch of adjacent businesses to acquire new customers

  • Digital transformations to future-proof and improve competitive positioning

Impact examples

Example #1

Media conglomerate

Identified the highest-potential opportunity for the client to expand their presence within digital video via acquisition

Example #2

Hardware company

Assessed the opportunity for a new tablet product and B2B software applications

Example #3

Telecommunications operator

Ideated and launched a unique digital entertainment subscription storefront and management platform

Example #4

Video game company

Created the strategy to extend the client’s offering into sports video gaming in order to build an eSports business

Example #5

Automotive eCommerce platform

Defined the strategy to expand the client’s services from lead generation into a third-party transactional marketplace

Example #6

Logistics provider

Developed the strategy to transform the client’s business from a brokerage into a fully digital marketplace