how we help

Project Management & Execution Support

How We Support Our Clients

  • Develop tactical implementation roadmaps (e.g. initiative sequencing and phasing, execution timeline)

  • Determine resource requirements to execute (e.g. capital, talent, technology, infrastructure investment)

  • Identify and manage key partners and vendor relationships (e.g. vendor and channel partner review process management)

  • Formulate the relevant KPIs and proof points (e.g. proactive monitoring, success management, continuous improvement)

  • Implement feedback and iteration loops (e.g. proactive and systematic feedback collection, adaptation to new internal and external information)

Your Partner Throughout the Implementation Process

We believe a strategic agenda is only as good as its execution plan. We work with our clients to build realistic strategic plans and serve as a partner throughout the execution. Key considerations for successful execution include:

  • What are the major milestones required to prove progress against the strategic initiatives?

  • How significant is the time investment and opportunity cost of the reallocation of stakeholder bandwidth?

  • Who are the preferred vendors/partners (e.g. identification of vendors to build an internal engine or platform, ideal channel partners)

  • What are the relevant KPI’s associated with each initiative (e.g. traffic, engagement, retention) and which teams will be responsible for tracking and reporting?

  • What steps can be taken to ensure the team is able to adapt to new technologies and market conditions?

Companies Come to Us When They Need Support in…

  • Entering new business areas (e.g. new business lines, new geographies)

  • Building out new tech-enabled solutions (e.g. AI-enablement, data solutions)

  • Implementing go-to-market initiatives (e.g. channel partner programs, marketing initiatives, updated pricing structures)

  • Executing against value creation roadmaps for private equity clients (e.g. growth strategy implementation, new business development)

  • Ensuring sales force effectiveness (e.g. marketing collateral development, sales org chart development, incentive structures, objection handling)

Impact examples

Example #1

Telecommunications operator

Developed strategic execution roadmaps, including organizational requirements, major milestones, and KPIs, for a new business. Managed roadmap refinements throughout the launch phase based on internal priorities and market trends.

Example #2

Major sports rights holder and broadcast business

Developed and executed a new, consumer-facing, sports-betting focused media product including data integrations and digital video offering.

Example #3

Top digital, print, and local TV company

Audience growth, programming, and marketing strategy and execution roadmap to scale streaming platform.

Example #4

Local service provider

Defined, phased, sequenced technological improvement initiatives to improve operational efficiency

Example #5

Leading eCommerce retailer

Implemented a multifaceted pricing program (e.g. business rules, algorithms, systems, and organizational structure) to maximize profitability across the client’s vast portfolio of SKUs